IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use SSL you NEED to run the latest Java SE Runtime Environment. If your copy of PC is older than 267.2/269 you 

have to download the JRE from Oracle JRE Windows x64  and replace the contents of the <INSTALL_DIR>/runtime folder with the contents of the JRE. The reason is that the  

required sunmscapi.dll is not shipped with the 64-bit JRE included in PC setup package.

So you have your SSL certificate in PFX format (*.pfx) and you want to use it in Performance Canvas.

For creation of Java Keystore (JKS) or .keystore file for Performance Canvas  you need to use utility keytool.exe that can be found in your installation package of Performance Canvas.

Usually this tool located here:   

C:\Program Files (x86)\Performance Canvas\runtime\bin\keytool.exe

1) import data from existing PFX store iisKeyStore.pfx file into JKS format: 

keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore iisKeyStore.pfx -srcstoretype pkcs12 -destkeystore .keystore -deststoretype JKS 

here you need to provide password once for source keystore iisKeyStore.pfx and create new password for new .keystore.

Lets assume the new password is dspJKSPassword, but please use yours.

By default .keystore file will be created in your current directory.


2) now you need to find the key alias in new created .keystore, for that list information from keystore with verbose option: 

keytool -list -v -keystore .keystore -storepass dspJKSPassword > keystore-list.txt 

3) in keystore-list.txt find line like which will correspond your key alias 

"Alias name: le-c1f22c2f-e1c4ac43ea42"


4) Place newly generated .keystore file in your Performance Canvas folder. If you are using default installation path then it should be located here.  

C:\Program Files (x86)\Performance Canvas\.keystore

5) Update ssl configuration  in

6) Restart Performance Canvas Service