Method one:

  1. Login to the application that you want to delete.
  2. Click on "Delete Application" in the right top corner.
  3. There will be a popup window "Confirm Deletion", click "OK" 

Method two: This has to be done in SQL.
  1. Databases -> CallistoAppDisctionary -> Tables -> right click on dbo.Application -> Edit Top 200 Rows. (You can find all your applications available from modeler are here) 
  2. Highlighted the row of you want to delete -> right click on it -> Delete 
  3. Done! You can go back to modeler to check whether you can still see the deleted row.

Deleting the row in CallistoAppDictionary is a way of doing this if you have SQL access. The added benefit of using SQL is that you can re-register the application while still keeping the DB for use later.

In general we recommend never to use SQL unless necessary since it a much more techie solution. The added benefit of not using SQL is that you don't need administrator access to delete an application from the Modeler.