The error 503 indicates there is a problem with the “Callisto” application pool. I would check the following:

  • Copy files from …\Web_Service\bin64_SQL2008 to …\Web_Service\bin

  • .Net framework is “v2.0”

  • Managed Pipeline Mode is “Classic”

  • Identity is a valid userid

  • Verify “Enable 32-Bit Applications” is set to “False” in Advanced Settings

To change any of these settings, select the application pool, and on the right side of the screen, select Advanced Settings.

If you still have problems, then check the following settings for the “Callisto_Server” virtual directory

  • Make sure “Default Web Site” is started

  • Verify “Default Web Site” is using port 80 by checking Bindings on the right

  • Verify “Callisto_Server” virtual directory is using “Callisto” application pool but selecting Basic Settings on the right.

  • Verify “Callisto_Server” virtual direction Authentication has

    • Anonymous Authentication – Disabled

    • Basic Authentication – Enabled

    • Windows Authentication – Enabled