How to Automate Application Deploy with SSIS Package

Following is step by step procedure to create and run an SSIS package to deploy an application.

  1. Create a new Integration Services project in Visual Studio. 

  2. Place a Web Services Task from the Control Flow Item on the Control Flow. 

  3. Edit the Task properties. Select <New Connection> from the HttpConnection drop down list. 

  4. Enter a URL with your Server name + “/Callisto_Server/CallistoAdmin.asmx?WSDL”, a valid deFacto admin user name, password, domain. Press Test Connection to validate entries. 

  5. Enter a path to a location to store the WSDL file to be created. Change OverwriteWSDLFile from False to True. Click “Download WSDL” to create WSDL file. 

  6. Click “Input”.

    • Select “CallistoAdmin” Service.

    • Select “DeployApplication2” Method (Note: Be careful to not select “DeployApplication”.)

    • Enter deFacto Application name for Value.

  7. Click “Output”

    • Select OutputType of “File Connection”

    • Select File of “<New Connection>” 

  8. Select “Create file” and enter a File name for a text file to contain output.

  9. Finished. Save the project, and your package will be saved in a dtsx file.
    When the package is run, if everything completes successfully, the output file will contain the followings.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <string />

  10. To run the package from the command line use the “dtexec.exe” program which is part of Integration Services. Following is an example of the command and ouput produced in a Cmd window.

    • “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\binn\dtexec.exe” /File

    • “C:\Transfer\DeployExample.dtsx”