Problem: The server stops working due to running out of memory (indicated in the log)


  • Edit the values for minimum and maximum in <install directory>\bin\

  • For a high traffic installation with a lot of users, be aware that it may require as much as 1024 M for maximum, note that this memory is not necessarily used, just reserved.

  • This problem is a function of

    • The size of the cube

    • The number of unique users accessing the cube (i.e. if you are using a small number of accounts mapped to user accounts/groups then this is unlikely to happen)

    • In the Kerberos case with delegated credentials and a large cube, memory consumption may required even higher values – good rule of thumb is 30 MB*users + 256 M for this scenario. (This allows for HUGE cubes as well)


Some clients have many cubes, but they have problem to see all available cubes. This is because more cubes requires more memory size for PC's service. 

The default memory size for PC's service is between 128M to 512M. While, you can change it manually if you have enough memory in the server by following below steps:

  1. Please make sure the account you use has local administrator right. 
  2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EPM Performance Canvas(pcMobile)\bin -> open -> the default memory is highlighted in red, you can change it to (min=512M, max=1024M). 

  3. Reinstall pcMobile service by running UninstallService.bat first, then InstallService.bat from the bin folder.
  4. LogOnAs for pcMobile service will be gone, please reset it.

  5. Start pcMobile service.