Problem: After entering your License key you get the message “Registration failed: Check your product key and network connection”


  1. Check that you have entered correct license key and make sure it has not already been used.

  2. Check that you can reach from the server by typing the url in the browser. The response should be a table with heading, but no rows.

  3. Check that the user running the pcMobile service has write permission in the installation directory.

  4. If using a proxy, make sure that the traffic is not stopped by the proxy server. Add the following properties to the file

    1. http.proxyHost (default: <none>)

    2. http.proxyPort (default: 80 if http.proxyHost specified)

    3. http.nonProxyHosts (default: <none>, hosts you want to communicate directly with, i.e. IIS-servers running olappumps)

  5. If using an authenticating proxy, make sure that the pcMobile service is running by an approved account (i.e. an AD-account) or add the following properties to the file

    1. http.proxyUser (default: the user running the pcMobile service)

    2. http.proxyPassword (default: <none>, not needed as long as http.proxyUser is not defined)

  6. Restart the pcMobile service.

  7. Try again to register the license key.

Example of proxy settings in the file:


N.B. Make sure that you dont have any spaces around the equal signs.