Q & A

  • Who can see the comments if a user adds one? Everyone? Admin? That user(creator) only? 
Everyone can see all comments from all users on a gem, and comment creator cannot hide/delete comments from other users.

  • How do we remove comments? Does the creator remove it? Does admin remove it? 
User can see all his own comments under "My Annotations" in client. User can remove only his own comments from "My Annotations" folder. Even admin cannot delete comments from other users.
  • Do we have something that indicated if someone made a comment? 

If there is a annotation on the gem, an icon will appear in the upper left corner of the gem. Two “bubbles” means more then one annotation.

  • How big can the comments be? Any limitation?

There is no limitation for size of comment text. But the width for comment popup is limited by 250px.

  • Where to find "Add comment" menu option? 
You can add a comment only in Client by "Add comment" menu option. In Designer it is not available. (Check Link1&2)
  • Cannot see "Bubbles" icons?

The possible causes of missing bubbles in header:

- enabled property "Hide name" in gem, in this case bubbles are hidden as name;

- very long name of gem in header, in this case text overlaps bubble icons;

Some online documents with "Comments" info. as below:

Link1 on Comments 

Link2 on Comments

Some of the functions in the gem menu are geared towards analysis and do not persist in the saved Viewpoint. Exactly which menu options that are available to you depends on the security settings made by your systems administrator.

Comments can be made on two levels:

Global - shown on all filter settings for that gem

Local - shown only for a specific filter setting (by ticking the “Current selection only” box).