Problem: The balance sheet report shows wrong values compared to the ERP system.

Solution: It's often caused by the fact that the table holding the balances is out of sync within the ERP system.

1. Within E9/E10 menu, recalculate the GLPeriodBal table

2. Edit the ClosedPeriod table in the ETL database.

2.1. Version 1.2 & later - Run the setup program for EFP/pcFinancials, if you have EFP r1.2 -> ClosedPeriod

Find the Source, EntityCode and periods you want to update & set it as ClosedPeriodCounter=0 & UpdateYN is ticked.

2.2. Before Version 1.2 - You can do this from SQL as below: 

In ETL database -> ClosedPeriod table -> make sure the period you want to update is set back "ClosedPeriod_Counter = 0 " & "UpdateYN = 1 or true".

3.1. Run the night load job manually from SQL as below: 

3.2. Or you can wait it to run automatically. Default time is 2:00AM every night.

4. You should be able to see your actual data in EFP now. You can do a extract actual + month from excel end to verify this.