1. Please feel free to check more information regarding to Closed Period.

2. Go to pc_ETL database from your SQL server.  

  • Tables -> dbo.ClosedPeriod -> right click on it and choose Edit Top 200
  • Find the right sourceID, EntityCode, year and month
  • If you need to find SourceID information, please go to your SQL server -> pcINTEGRATOR -> Tables -> dbo.source
  • Put 0 in ClosedPeriod_Counter
  • Put True in UpdateYN
  • Make sure your mouse is in next row, to make this change work.

3.1. Run the night load job manually from SQL as below: 

3.2. Or you can wait it to run automatically. Default time is 2:00AM every night.

4. You should be able to see your actual data in EFP now. You can do a extract actual + month from excel end to verify this.