Problem: some excel users cannot access EFP, cannot see any applications.


 It is more likely some problem with userid on the server. Presume the user is defined in security and the app deploys with no warnings about invalid users. Pls try the following:

  1. From the client computer, attempt to connect to (Version3: http://server_name:portnumber/callisto_server or Version4: http://servername:portnumber/CLService )and see if the static pages comes up with links for client installs. To open this page, there is no interaction with any of our web services, just straight IIS configuration. If the user can not open the page, you know it is a straight IIS problem with user authentication. 
  2. Get the users credentials, and attempt to open the browser directly on the server. Set authentication on the server to Basic only. Then attempt to logon to the website in the browser on the server using the users credentials. After logon, click GetLoggedOnUsername and Invoke. Sometimes there are multiple ways to qualify a user name, and the username the server actually logs a user on as is a bit different than the way the user is entering it. This will show that. 
  3. Check whether the user has access to the Web_Service folder C:/Program files/Performance Canvas Management, if not, grant user the right access to the web_service folder.
  4. Beyond that if the user name just is not recognized by IIS then you probably need to start looking at the Trust settings between the IIS server and the Domain / Active Directory server.