Problem: Some accounts' category changed in General Ledger (ERP system), but it does not show right in EFP's hierarchies.

Solution: This is because hierarchy does not change automatically.

Pls check those accounts from Hierarchy -> Properties:

  • whether their Account Type is right?  
  • whether Synchronized is True? 

If any of above two is not right, pls edit them to be right.


Then you can either drag those accounts back to "Members" tab. Wait for 1 night load job, they will be assigned to the right hierarchy.

Or you can drag them into the right hierarchy place manually.


The hierarchy is not designed to be automatically for any dimensions. No matter what you changed, the hierarchy will not change. So always manually drag the items into the right hierarchy place or drag them into Member tab & wait for night load job done.

It is designed this way because sometimes users have special needs to drag items into different hierarchy place but not according to the ERP system's configuration. The night load job should not change user's will every night.