If you want to change pcFinancials/EFP's source database, for r1.3 or r1.4 version with single server installation, pls follow below steps:

Check version here: http://support.performancecanvas.com/solution/articles/1000237076-pcfinancials-efp-get-version

1. Go to pcINTEGRATOR -> Tables -> dbo.Source -> change the sourceDB column.

2. Go to pcINTEGRATOR -> Tables -> dbo.Application -> write down / check the applicationID

3. Go to pcINTEGRATOR -> Programmability -> Stored Procedures -> Execute spCreate_ETL_Object_Final with ApplicationID = xxx

4. SQL Server Agent -> run pcDATA_xxx_Load job.

5. If you do NOT want the old data in pcDATA database, go to pcDATA_xxx database -> truncate all FACT tables (otherwise old data will stay in pcDATA database.)