In v3, there was only one setting for log levels on the server. 

But in v4 you set log levels on the server by Application and by Service from the Modeler. 

These settings are stored in the Applications table in the CallistoAppDictionary db.

  • When opening the Modeler, open the Server Settings from the Application Selector dialog box.
  • Select the App Dictionary tab.
  • Select the Application you want to increase the log level for from the Applications drop down.
  • For the selected Application, you can set the following log levels.
    • Web Service Trace Level – set log level for all web services. Logged to CallistoWebService.log file in the CLAdmin and CLService folders.
    • CallistoService Trace Level – set log level for the CallistoService. Logged to CalllistoService.log file in the NT_Service folder.
    • Report Server Trace Level – set log level for the CLRptService. Logged to CLRptService.log file in the CLRptService folder.