In version 3, there was only one setting for log levels on the server:

In the Callisto.txt file located in the NT_Service folder.

Change following line to tracelevel=”9”

<service wait="30" tracelevel="1" serverid="localhost"/>

But in version 4 you set log levels on the server by Application and by Service from the Modeler. 

These settings are stored in the Applications table in the CallistoAppDictionary db.

  • When opening the Modeler, open the Server Settings from the Application Selector dialog box.
  • Select the App Dictionary tab.
  • Select the Application you want to increase the log level for from the Applications drop down.
  • For the selected Application, you can set the following log levels.
    • Web Service Trace Level – set log level for all web services. Logged to CallistoWebService.log file in the CLAdmin and CLService folders.
    • CallistoService Trace Level – set log level for the CallistoService. Logged to CalllistoService.log file in the NT_Service folder.
    • Report Server Trace Level – set log level for the CLRptService. Logged to CLRptService.log file in the CLRptService folder.