Sometimes you find hierarchy from excel end does not match modeler end.

It could be because of cache in pcFinancials / EFP is not updated.

To update manually, you can follow below:

  1. Open exel and login -> write down URL to SQL DB end -> close excel
  2. Go to your PC and browse to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Callisto\pcDATA_xxx  (UserName should be the one you use to login to pcFinancials / EFP; AppData folder could be hiden.)
  3. Delete pcDATA_xxx from above folder.
  4. Open excel, you can find the saved URL to SQL DB server and user name, pw are all gone. Re-type (or copy/paste) -> login again.
  5. You will reload all new changes / update everything from SQL server.
  6. Done.