How to activate MenuPC working for your newly created model?


1. Create your new model in modeler and add dimensions:

A. Security Role -> FullAccess -> Model Access tab -> this new model is activated so when you login excel end, you can see this new model.

B. Select MenuPc.xlsm in Startup Workbook box.

2. Download the attached query on SQL server end and open it from SQL Server Management Studio where pcFinancials / EFP databases stored.

3. Modify the red lines accordingly: 

A. What is your pcDATA database name? In the example here, it is pcDATA_EFP.

B. What is your new model name (that you created in modeler)? Put your new model name in the @NewModelName = 'xxxx'.

C. Which MenuPC that you want this new model to use? 

If it is Financials model, type 'Budget' in the @MasterModelName.

If it is Sales model, type 'Sales' in the @MasterModelName.

4. Move the mouse to any white space then click on execute button.

5. Highlighted the yellow box and execute it.

6. Login pcFinancials / EFP -> your new model -> you will get error "This function isn't valid" -> click on OK to ignore it.

7. Tick the Control Panel box (red box)

8. Click on Library button (red box on top) -> Browse to Admin folder -> open TableMenuUsers.xlsm

9. Add a new row -> select NewModelName_Admin in Menu column & select a user in User column -> Save and Close.

10. Close excel and re-login to your new model. The corresponding MenuPC will show up. 

(Pls ignore the message "This function isn't valid").