If you would like to create folders under other folders in pcFinancials / EFP, follow below steps:

Below is only supported after version

1. Download the attached text file into your computer -> open it.

2. Open excel -> login to the model -> MenuPC -> press Alt +F11 to access VBA of MenuPC

3. Click on Sheet11 -> replace the red box with the content from Sheet11 session from the attached text file. After replace it looks like below 

4. Expand Modules -> double click on Model_Run -> replace session of Sub macro_Menu_List with the content from Model_Run session from the attached text file.

5. After replace, it looks like below:

6. Go to MenuPC directly -> tick Control Panel box -> click on Shared Library button

7. Double click on ..Parent folder -> tick Save to Library box -> it automatically shows up MenuPC.xlsm -> click on Save button. 

Now MenuPC is saved with the new code you put in VBA.

Test to create a folder in pcFinancials / EFP:

8. Open a report -> Click on User:xxxx -> Save Report button -> browse to Reports folder -> type the folder name you want \ report name as below example -> click on save button.

9. Close the report -> go to Budget Report & Analysis -> Report & Analysis -> double click on the folder you create -> you will be able to see the report saved in this folder.

10. Done.