During pcFinancials/EFP installation step Entity

Important : FxRate by default is not selected, please select which entity's FxRate you want to use.

1. Cusomer's currency rate table could contain different rates for different companies/entities. If you tick all of them, when doing consolidation, the calculation will be different companies using different rates.
2. If customer only tick the main company/entity in FxRate, when doing consolidation, all companies will use this main company's currency rate table to calculate. So you know which currency rate you use for consolidation.

So number 2 is highly recommended as best practice.

If you accidentally ticked all currencies in FxRate source in the Entity step. And you would like to follow above number 2 (Best Practice). 

There is a way to fix it as below:

1. pcINTEGRATOR -> tables -> Source -> write down FxRate's SourceID (below example is 2548)

2. pcETL -> tables -> Entity (open in edit mode) -> edit on SourceID=FxRate (2548) rows:

  • Set the main company's EntityPriority=1 & SelectYN=True (1). 
  • The rest companies should be EntityPriority=NULL & SelectYN=False (0).

3. If it is linked server installation, pcETL -> Stored Procedures -> run "spIU_0000_ETL_Linked"

4. pcINTEGRATOR -> Stored Procedures -> run "spCreat_FACT_Generic" with SourceID=FxRate

5. pcDATA -> tables -> Truncate FACT_FxRate_default_patrition to delete history FxRate data.

6. Done.