If you use "New Report" template to create a report from scratch. Every time selecting something from any parameters, the report will automatically refresh. 

To adjust it not auto-refresh but instead using “Refresh” button inside the report manually. Please follow below steps:

  1. Click on “User:xxxx” -> go to “Developer” tab
  2. Click on “View Code” -> double click on “Module1
  3. Put in front of “Run (“CL_Refreshreport”)” row
  4. Close the VBA and save this report in shared library or give it another name (then you have the old one and this new one).
  5. Open the report test, it will not refresh every time you select something from any parameters. You can only refresh report by clicking on “Refresh” button inside the report.
  6. You need to do the same to all your reports that you wish to do the same behavior.